Euphoria Is Back, And Here’s Why You Should Be Excited

The show liked by critics and fans alike, Euphoria is returning to the small screen tomorrow and we are pumped.

Zendaya was the star of the show and deservedly took home an Emmy for her crackerjack performance becoming the youngest winner of the best lead actress in a drama. We saw our beloved Rue relapse after months of staying sober because Jules who was her motivation to do so had left and Rue couldn’t leave with her. Now this made us a bit sad that her hard work is now a bit undone but that is not what happened. She may have relapsed but the fact that she chose to stay with her family shows how much she has grown. In the new season trailer we see her much happier than before which may be attributed to the return of Jules.


Jules’ journey since the season finale is a bit mysterious and we are psyched to see where she has been and if something more happened between her and the glam queen Anna. The trailer showed that more romantic side of Rue and Jules’ relationship and I dare say that is going to be a fan favorite highlight of the season. 

Speaking of fan favorites, from what we gather from the trailer of the new season, Fezco might be getting a much bigger role this season due to the consequences of his robbery gone wrong. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that Rue will get mixed up in all this. In the trailer, we see Zendaya carry a suitcase which may or may not have $64,000 in cash or other commodities inside. Mouse has already had a run in with her which ended with her passing out after consuming Fentanyl. Whatever it is, we can expect Rue to get mixed up in some shady stuff.


And who was more shady in this series that Nate “The Snake” Jacobs. Jacob Elrodi has promised us that there will be more scenes inside the Jacobs household and more family interaction. I did feel there was a lot more potential inside that family and it seems like it will be ignored next season and it is perhaps the thing that has got me most psyched for the new season. I personally value acting over all other frontiers in the visual media and I have been a fan of Eric Dane since his Grey’s Anatomy days and Elrodi was surprisingly good in the previous season. Their interactions have the potential for some of the better acting series we have seen not just in this show but in TV in general, they certainly have built up the tension and story. The discs in Cal’s study need to be discussed and it feels like they will be after Maddy stole one of the discs.

There is not much info about Maddy’s character and what is about to happen with her. She and Nate had a moment when the season ended but it’s not likely that they are getting back together. The disc thing though is hopefully going to be a good side plot of the story.  


Kat and Cassie are in very different places than they were at when the story began. Kat is more confident in herself and is now starting a proper relationship with the nice guy Ethan. If that will affect her side business is left to be seen. With the few scenes we got of her, Cassie is most definitely suffering the after effects of her abortion. Her mental health is out for a spin and she might find comfort in Nate’s evil but lovable and strong arms. For her sake let’s hope that this relationship isn’t as toxic as each of their’s last ones, but it’s Euphoria so it’s a hope that will undoubtedly go in vain. 

Not enough can be said about Sam Levinson’s direction and the way that he leaves subtle messages for the audience to read between the lines. The hidden inferences and symbolism leaves a lot for the viewer to analyse and decipher. They help enhance the beauty of the show for the viewer and keeps them coming back for more rewatches. 


The storyline is unquestionably impeccable and the cinematography is among the best we have ever seen on screen. The music was perhaps the more underappreciated aspect of the show with carefully chosen tracks for all sorts of moments, whether they were revealing major plots or just Jules riding on her bike. 

Season 2 is bringing in fresh blood with Minka Kelly, Demetrius Frelony Jr and Dominic FIke among the reported new stars. Fike’s character was featured quite a lot in the trailer so it can be assumed that he will be one of the main characters. Fike confirmed that he will be forming a close group with Rules and will probably be a bad influence on Rue’s efforts to be sober. 

Characters that I am most excited for are the entirety of the Jacobs family, Maddy but most of all Cassie. It looks like Sydney Sweeney’s character is going to get a much bigger role than before and I am ready for it. The glimpses of the trailer have shown Sweeney pushing the boundaries of great acting and it should be a sight to see. 


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